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di Bernardone


I never wanted to be known, just a little servant girl telling Naaman “Go to The Prophet in Y’rushalom and he will help you” and Deborah encouraging Barak. And if I had a book I didn’t even want my name mentioned, I wanted it to be called “The Servant Girl”~Sisi

Tiffany Tracy di Bernardone-deFernihalgh Assisi (d’As Sisi), “Elisabeth, Duchess nicknamed “Sisi”)

d’ is honorific duchessa or duchess,duke%20%28duca%29%2C%20and%20their%20children%20and%20agnatic%20descendants.

/d’/ Duchessa (Duchess) Assisi

Tiffany Di Bernadone d’As Sisi

Si, si.

Yes, yes.

Yes! Yes!

Well, the walls have ears… and a well trained staff will listen before knocking on the door when bringing coffee in the morning 

Ah… she busy. I come back later.

Is best in the morning, no?

Watch Tower says open the daily scripture text as soon as your eyes open when you wake up. This is not scriptural.

King James BibleAnd they heard the voice of Y’Aya God walking in the garden “in the cool of the day”(not the breezy part of the day as Watch Tower says): and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of Y’Aya God amongst the trees of the garden.

21 Bibles at Bible Hub vs The “Exclusive” Bible Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses use, The New World Translation (NWT), not on

Sunday School Girl (Bible girl ),


Pietro say “No, breezy part of the day fine”. The breezy part of the day is around 3pm. Don’t make it a ritual. In our time, after supper is fine.

See the page titled “Spiritual Couples” to learn more…

See? Si.



ber Sisi “Sacred spirit sided”~Ari’Al Y’ah~Ber Sisi
Bar Yeshwah, Ber Sisi, 11:34pm Eastern Standard Time Thursday, 22 September 2022

deFernihalgh means “from Fernihalgh, Normandy, d’Assisi means “from Assisi”)

/ah/ from “ruah” which means “spirit”.

Duchessa as Sisi / d’as Sisi (Duchess. As Sisi)

Tiffany, Duchess of Normandy,

Tiffany, Princess of The British Empire Worldwide

With love,