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Spiritual Couples

Urgent for singles, read this first and read the link in it.

Me and Yeshwah the way we were in “my” mind. But He’s The Son of David all the way and is oblivious to the fact that he is in love with Mary Magdalene. David sent Uriah to the front how many times to murder Uriah and have Bathsheba? And God didn’t know about it or foresee it? Or didn’t warn David or stop him? Nice friend. And then He forgives David after the fact? I’m sorry Abba. Beautiful kids. Yeshwah was called “The most handsome among men”. And here “I” am, and I know it’s a trick of Satan but it’s true anyway.

This is our song, “you and me” (and all of the people) We feel the same way, we want to help them all when we see them”.~Hope

From Ye’shua to me

“My soul is beautiful like you.

Wife of my heart is what you have become”.

It’s on a piece of paper I have in my purse and they want to take it from me and give it to someone else. And moving around paragraphs to make it sound aweful.

Satan observing Mary and The Gardener. Stop clinging to me, says Yeshwah to Mary. His first experience as a virgin, totally unaware that He is totally in love with her at that moment.

Song of Solomon 8:6 Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; for love is strong as death, passion fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, a raging flame.

Nothing, repeat nothing, is as damaging to marriage and sex as rules and regulations made by human religious leaders. They extinguish the blazing fire by making the bedroom a regulated place, a place where God is watching you and you cannot relax. Nothing, repeat nothing could be further from the truth.

Lets face it, sex and sacred things should never be combined. And first thing when we wake up with a partner is intimate time. Our Father knows this. Right? Check… Stars in her eyes on the left, oblivious on the right. That’s Yeshwah, Opie on “The Andy Griffith Show”. Right Sisters? I know.~Tiff Abba, be reasonable, The Lord is near. And tell Yeshwah to go into the washroom and look into the mirror and say “Be reasonable, the Lord is near and Tiffany is a “PROPHETESS”. I don’t mind coming in second, I will treasure Him up in my heart and I only benefited from knowing Him, until I became Urea the Hititess. Miley Cyrus, only you know about this “Wrecking ball”. I was swinging with my eyes closed Miley, and I’m the Woman MMA Champion for all eternity, Miley. That is not just a good song, that is a “GREAT song, raw, the way I like to write “my” songs. I’m planning a remake of Chris Christopherson’s “Why me Lord?” Love you Miley, been there, done that, got the t-shirt, wore it out, threw it away, but with eternal love, it just keeps showing up in the wash. Back to “Hoping, waiting. Hoping, waiting. You know. 🎵🥰~Tiffany. Now, I am the most reasonable woman who has ever existed or will ever exist for all eternity, but I must elaborate. Mary’s at tomb. Why? Well Mary, just so you know, I would’t have been there just that morning, I would’ve camped out for three days and would have made sure that Yeshwah knew that you just arrived. k? And quite frankly, being the MMA woman I am about Him, you might have tripped when you went to cling to Him. I’m just that way, and no, Mary, you would not have clung to Him at all. I’m The Bobby Orr of Women when it comes to DEFENSE. Just sayin’~Tiff. I love you my little Sister and will bless your name forever if you will do me two favors. Father is not married so hit him in the head with a frying pan for me and tell Yeshwah how you feel. I’m staying on Earth anyway, little sparrow, talk to Abba about it. Right now I am a diametric sandwhich at both ends of the scale between love and evil. k? Yes, He is adorable, but you know men… it’s just no way Jose’ about women, right? No man will ever know the ways of a maiden, it is in “THE BIBLE”. There is no such caveat about men. Do we know, Mary? Cher told Miley and I’m telling you, Mary. Make sure your tongue isn’t coated when you stick it out at me.~Sher 😂 Yes, Miley, she had the home court advantage and as Michael Jordan once said, and I’m referring to Mary, “I practice so much, the net looks a big ole bushel basket to me”. Yep, you know it. Nothing but net.~Y’al. Then she went to Heaven and received her full glory and perfect artistic beauty and perfect dynamic symmetry…Slam dunk. ~bat Yeshwah, The Promised One and The Shulamite Maiden from The Bible. Just sayin… “bat” can have more than one meaning when translating from Hebrew to English on Microsoft Bing Translator. As Steve Martin once said, “Roll the ugliness”.~Tiff

The mind of the spirit is not responsive to God during private or intimate things governed by our body signals. Isn’t Our Father a genius?

If you are used to being single and the first thing you normally do is prayer, you are not doing anything wrong once you are married and Our Father understands and does not love you any less and you don’t love Him any less and it is an agreement. It’s just different when you are a couple. It is normal to wake up and be intimate.

1 Corinthians 7:5 Do not depriving each other sexually, unless you both want to do something spiritual first, then wait a bit and have intimate time, so that Satan doesn’t tempt you because you didn’t take care of each other sexually.

Note the emphasis on “both”. Consider your partner first. It’s in the Bible, get over it. Neither partner should have to start their day sexually frustrated. Make sure of it. And if you are single or engaged, take care of it, don’t be kidding yourself, better to masturbate than to have sex before you are married. Or worse, engaging in spiritual things while sexually aroused.

You are “ceremonially” unclean for a while after any type of sexual activity (you should no longer be physically or mentally sexually active) but if it is urgent or an emergency, pray anyway.

If there is an emission of semen, the Bible says to bathe your whole body with water.

Our Father doesn’t want to wreck intimacy or romantic time or anything, in fact we are designed with two sets of nerves, one reason is to experience romantic love in absolute privacy (God is not watching in any way because He doesn’t want to. He is a loving Father and dignifies us with privacy, He is only a thought or a prayer away if we need Him or want to talk to Him). He is identified as masculine but He is not sexual. If there’s a problem, it’s only in your mind. Being married is how God sees everyone eventually. It is not good for the man to be alone it says in Genesis, so it follows it is not good for the woman to be alone, and at some point in the future even if it is in the paradise, everyone will have someone to love. So you see, being married is just different from being single. And if you look way into the future when everyone has someone, the married arrangement will be the normal thing and everyone will start their spiritual day after time with their partner. As a matter of fact, if you read the account, Adam and Eve communed with God “in the breezy part of the afternoon”, so He definitely wants you to forge your bond with your partner rock solid and it is important to Him that you do. Then you can both joyfully approach Him together. In the modern world this may be after work or after supper but know our Father wants you to be a “happy” couple, not freaked out or awkward about your relationship with Him.

Yes, Our Father knows about all these things and knows the way the modern world works and that it makes it difficult for couples to find time together sometimes.

Do not feel guilty about it, Our Father wouldn’t arrange things in a way that would be awkward for us, absolutely the opposite.

If you happen to wake up early before your partner there’s no problem praying or doing something spiritual but don’t neglect spiritual time as a couple.

Just make sure you are both on the same page with regard to spiritual things is the thing.

I hope this helps.

You will be free sexually and without guilt and will know what is no problem.

As long you love each other, it’s nobody’s business what you do or say in the bedroom. Sex should not cause pain. If you are loving, you will use lubrication if needed so as not to tear delicate tissues. For women. If your partner does not agree, than you are well within your right to refuse to engage in any form of sex. Be as accomodating as you can, but preserve yourself and who you are. You are not a sex object, you are a person. In regard to oral sex, you may decide that you can live with some aspects of it but not others. Inform your partner what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with. A “loving” husband will accept it without a problem with it.

Enjoy the life God intends for couples and remember it’s part of His plan that everyone have someone eventually.

See, it’s no problem.

Sex between unmarried people is prohibited in the Bible. The definition of fornication is sex between unmarried people, “not” sex outside of marriage. The phrase “sex outside of marriage” is ambiguous and might be misconstrued as meaning no sex by yourself, which is a personal choice and no one’s business but your own. It is not a sin. It is clean. God would not prohibit it, we are dignified by God.

You can be in the Paradise I have no doubt about it. But the Bible says that this is one of the conditions. No sex between unmarried people is one of the boundaries set by Our Father in Heaven. Sex between unmarried people is prohibited in the Bible, and couples who have unmarried sex will not inherit God’s Kingdom, the Paradise. No one can tell you what to do and no one will. It is your personal choice and you can do whatever you want to do with your free will and your life. But think about it.